Why should I use a Financial Adviser ? 

Two things you should look for when choosing an Adviser, aside from qualifications:


KNOWLEDGE of the products available within the market, and

EXPERIENCE in liaising with insurance companies, i.e. negotiating insurance cover, the claim process.


Having an Adviser provides you with expert advice, maximum choice and personalized service.  It also gives you peace of mind knowing if something goes wrong, i.e. you become sick or unable to work, an Adviser will be there for you to provide the kind of support you cannot receive via the Internet or a Bank.


We liken it to dealing with a medical specialist - you will liaise with a Specialist because of their expertise which means they can identify and remedy the issue immediately.


How much cover would I need?

Working out the amount of cover (sum assured) can be difficult.  For example, Life Cover is to protect your family / business against your early exit.  Think about funeral costs, paying off short term debt, credit cards, hire purchase, the mortgage and funds to educate the kids. 


What most individuals don't think about is their most valuable asset, themselves!


YOU are your most valuable asset.  YOU get up every day and go to work.  YOU earn a living.  YOU earn the money that buys you everything you want and need … as long a you can afford it.  A lot of individuals don't look at the fact that they an 'income earning machine' and will earn a fortune during their lifetime.


You can insure your income earning potential against the risk of being sick or injured.  So why don't you?


What processes are there for a claim?

Making a claim is one of those things that we all hope we will never do.  However, the whole idea of insurance is to know that is something unexpected occurs which will cause an impact, both personally and financially, the financial loss will not result as a burden.


Thus, transferring the risk to an insurance company makes sense and keeps your assets safe.


Claims fall into several categories depending the type of claim being made and so the insurer will require varying information.


In general - check what processes they have for a claim : - what information is needed, who will be looking after the claim, what timeframes are there for the claim to be completed?


We appreciate that making a claim can come at a difficult and stressful time, so as an Adviser, we make this process as easy as possible for the claimant and their family.  It is better to have someone on your side to be your Advocate.  An Adviser is your best bet as they do this all day, every day.


What is a Disclosure Statement?

A Financial Adviser must provide you with a copy of their Disclosure Statement


This information helps you to select a Financial Adviser that best suits your needs.  It will also provide some useful information about the Financial Adviser that you choose.  In accordance with the provisions of the Financial Advisers Act 2008, a Disclosure Statement provides you with information and answers to questions about an Adviser:


  • The services provided

  • How the business operates

  • Adviser qualifications

  • Insurance products recommended

  • Which insurance companies we can place your business with

  • How an Adviser is remunerated


Copies of our Disclosure Statements are available on request, free of charge.

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